Bump cap

So as always I was looking around for things that are orange. This time I found a really rad hard hat which is my "this years" helmet. Ever since being introduced to Flight to Mars I have gained an appreciation for always having a minimal but effective amount of tools and protection on hand. Gloves, helmet, and kneepads can get you through just about anything that a crazy burner type can invent for you.

This particular model is called a bump cap and that's just what it does. It protects you from standing up too fast or minor debris falls. It's small enough to fit like a ball cap so that's pretty cool because it won't slip around or be in the way.

But anyhow, I bought 17 of them so look for a bunch of robot look alikes.


Happy Birthday Meishan

From the mouth and mind of B.



How to tell the twins apart!

If you look closely, you can tell them apart.
One has slighty different hair and other has the devil eyes.
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Rad Baby in Sunglassess

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Who wants some delicious watermelon..


Do you have any idea why I called you in here today?



Sleep like a baby

Which actually means scream at the top of your lungs as though you
were being stabbed and then repeat every 3 to 4 hours.



Is either a vampire or starting early as a clown.



That baby photo of you and your sister. Except she's covered in drool..



From my cuteness..

Val is gigantic

Srysly Alex is already, like, 10 feet tall...


Sucking bottles

This bag is full of huckleberry's sucking bottles. He gave them to
Juniper after his 4th birthday. Baby seems like a Big Boy.


Hard at Word at the BF Lab

Poo and Pope
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Baby knows..

You did something wrong...


Which one is this?

Baby is sponsored by rockStar


Herban Hillbilly says...

Don't forget a pick for the hillbilly afro.

Testing mobile entries at Junipers expense...



parenthood might not be as hard as childhood


Burien Birthday - Showing off the Cake

Thanks Zoey (www.togetherweareone.com) for taking video.


Why are you waiting? Go there now..


Thought of the Day

If you don't have anything nice to say to somebody don't say anything at all.

That way you can perpetually suffer an overwhelming feeling of
destitute loneliness outlined with despair and confusion of being
constantly misunderstood and will most likely die early of stress
related illness.


Robot - Hat - Boots

Funny because last night I was just mentioning how we could make a giant robot (ala truckasaurus) to walk up and down 99 and at one point stop to put on the hat and boots..

From the Seattle PI;
For Seattle's iconic Hat 'N' Boots, salvation is coming in the form of a city grant that will bankroll sorely needed restoration work. Renovation is expected to be done by next summer on the site in Georgetown's Oxbow Park. The city recently designated $150,000 toward finishing the Hat.




I really have nothing to lay out this week. Since I got damaged in the "running of the dogs". The good dog tried to correct the other one and ran in front of me to do it. I tripped over her and f'd my shoulder up. However, Percoset is a hell of a drug.


Chris Bell, master mack

ChrisBell is nothing if not persistent. I believe the official count for asking girls to make out in one evening was just under 100.


DJ Muchacho

This guy is one of the handiest folks in the world.




Which way is the "dancer" spinning? (click the pic)http://www.news.com.au/heraldsun/story/0,21985,22556281-661,00.html
I see it spinning right, and am usually very intrigued by optical illusion. But in this case, I am trying my best to even figure out how you could see this any other direction. Help me out..


Bunny Diet

Amazing. Diem has shown up in my postings twice in two days.

Monkey Money

Diem took this picture.

I was thinking about the monkey tree just this morning. It was such a good story for how my trip was this year. I must have been there 15 times (thanks e-tards) and saw it working exactly once. It was more like a jungle gym in the backyard to me by the middle of the week. Basically something I could reliably go to for mindless entertainment. With a bus full of people rolling in at dawn, the lights going off are very much useless, but trying was so much fun.


Despair.com = My Inside Voices

One more way the funny keeps pouring out of my brain meat.


Is welcome spelled retarded.